People believe that it’s easy to spot people with alcohol use disorder. The reason is that the picture that people paint is of someone’s crumbling life because they drink too much. What about people who seem to have it all together but still have a drinking problem? For that reason, it’s important for friends and family to know how to spot signs of a functioning alcoholic and get help from an alcohol detox center in Los Angeles.


In short, a functioning alcoholic is a person who has alcohol use disorder but maintains a normal life. The person keeps up with work, family, and social responsibilities. He or she may even maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of substance abuse.

When describing what is a functioning alcoholic, it’s important to note that the person is close to losing everything. While it seems that he or she has everything under control, his or her life could collapse.


In order to get help for a functioning alcoholic, loved ones must know to get help. They have to see signs of a functioning alcoholic.

Unfortunately, spotting these signs can be a challenge. After all, a functioning alcoholic masters the art of hiding addiction from the world. Despite that, some of the most common signs include:

  • Continually joking about having a drinking problem
  • Needing alcohol to relax
  • Having a drink in the early morning
  • Drinking while alone
  • Hiding how much he or she drinks or denying it
  • Falling behind in taking care of responsibilities


Why is it up to family and friends to spot signs of a functioning alcoholic? Don’t these individuals want to seek treatment themselves if they have a problem? The main reason is that most of them are in denial. They don’t want to admit that they’ve lost control of the situation.

Some of them use achievements to further deny that they have a problem. For example, they might say that they have good jobs and pay their bills on time. They might even talk about how they’re good parents and are always there for their kids.

However, these facts don’t change the realization that they have a drinking problem. Instead of letting them live with this problem until their lives collapse, family members can get help. They can put an end to alcohol addiction so that their loved ones can enjoy normal lives.


Before you can overcome addiction, you have to start with detox. An alcohol detox center in Los Angeles can help you build a strong foundation on which to grow. At LA Detox, we provide all of the tools that you need to overcome alcohol abuse. A few of the programs that we offer beyond detox include:

Don’t let alcohol ruin your life or the life of someone you hold dear. Learn more about the signs of a functioning alcoholic. Reach out to our facility today at 866.932.8563 to find out how we can help.

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