Authorities have released few details about who Joseph Cimino was, or whether some social media posts with his name attached, are actually him.

We've found a series of videos online that appear to be posted by him, along with a Twitter account we believe to be Cimino.

In the videos, the man, who appears to be the same person seen in cellphone video inside Chick-fil-A, describe a series of events in his life. The series of videos is over 4 hours long in its entirety.

He talks about a range of topics, from his childhood athletics, to being released from a job as a correctional worker.

He even describes an injury he suffered when he was struck by a car when he was younger. He also mentions not being fully mentally functional.

The YouTube page where these videos are posted are linked to a Twitter account with his name on it. The Twitter profile says he does live in Lincoln.

The Twitter profile has more than 400 tweets made in 5 hours yesterday, the morning of the incident, October 8th. In one tweet the morning of the incident, he mentions "it's just a (explicit) chicken sandwich." 

Police have not confirmed whether either account belongs to Cimino, or if it is him in the video.

They also have not released a motive behind the incident at Chick-fil-A.

Here are the links to his Twitter and also YouTube Channel.