About a month ago, sophomore student Isabella Cambron was threatened by one of her classmates at Sterling High School.

"He said that if he were to shoot up the school I would be his first target, then started telling people around him that he said it and then he had something on his notebook and he was showing other people," says Isabella.

According to one of Isabella's friends, it was a hit list. Isabella says she immediately went to the principal and superintendent.

"They put us both in a room together and asked us if he had any possession to any weapons and he said no. She [superintendent] said that I shouldn't feel scared or worried and then she just dropped the entire thing," says Isabella.

Isabella didn't tell anyone about what happened, including her parents, because she was scared. Her parent's say they found out about last month's incident Tuesday and were appalled.

"I found out last night when the sheriff came knocking on my door cause there was people concerned in regards to what had happened," says Isabella's mother, Rebecca Cambron.

Multiple students contacted the sheriffs office Tuesday after feeling scared. Her mom and grandmother say the school should have contacted parents and law enforcement immediately.

"You hear on the news all the time if you see anything if you hear anything, do something, say something, talk to someone. Isabella did what she was supposed to do. the school dropped the ball and did nothing," says Susan McKerney, Isabella's grandmother.

The Johnson County Sheriff's office confirmed with Channel 8 news Wednesday that the school hadn't reported the incident and wasn't cooperating with officials.

The Sheriff's Office also confirmed they are now working with the county attorney on a criminal investigation into the student who made the threat.

Wednesday afternoon, the Sterling Public Schools superintendent released a statement. 

It says the school has been aware of the rumors for several weeks and investigated the situation and found that "rumors were not factual."

The statement then reads, "Over the next several weeks, the rumors persisted, which resulted in additional investigation by the school district and local law enforcement.  Out of an abundance of caution, school officials also reached out to the Nebraska Department of Education’s State Security to ensure that we have taken every step appropriate to keep our students safe. At this time, the district has not received any information that would lead us to conclude that a credible threat existed."