With lows expected to be below freezing Thursday and Friday night, the People's City Mission is stressing the importance of donating warm clothing items.

"Gloves, caps, we can use flannel shirts. Jeans or long pants, any kinds of those items are very helpful," Pastor Tom Barber said.

There is also a large need for childrens clothing.

The People's City Mission said these donations can even come from items in your closet or something your child has out grown.

They also wants to let people know, as the days get colder, everyone is welcome.

"Anybody is welcome especially is the weather gets colder than 33 degrees. We take everybody, whether they've been asked to leave the mission or not, it makes no difference. We don't want anybody to ever hurt on the streets," Pastor Tom said. 

Pastor Tom says if you see anyone on the streets that look like they need help please send them to the shelter.

The People's City Mission is located at 110 Q Street and offers a safe space for men, women and children and are always accepting donations.