Bringing home a new baby can be tough, whether it's your first child or fifth.

After you leave the hospital, there is a lot to deal with.

"Be a new parent is very overwhelming and there's so much info out there," said Dr. Pam Zegers with Complete Children's Health in Lincoln.

That is the reason the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has launched their Safe Babies Clinic Campaign, to provide consistent education for people after they've begun their new lives as parents.

"We want to make sure the education is evidence based and everyone gets the same education across the state," said Jackie Moline, Maternal and Infant Health Program Coordinator for Nebraska DHHS.

The campaign focuses on safe sleep habits to prevent sleep-associated infant death by following the "ABC's" of safe sleep.

"Alone in the crib, no co–sleeping or excess bedding, always on their backs, and then in a crib for all sleep," Dr. Zegers said.

The campaign also works with parents on a crying plan to prevent abusive head trauma, also known as shaken baby syndrome.

"We go through different strategies to help calm, we go through different strategies to help cope, but in the end we always tell parents, crying is not going to harm your baby," Dr. Zegers said.

Dr. Zegers is a pediatrician at Complete Children's Health in Lincoln. The clinic just became a champion clinic for this new campaign.

Dr. Zegers says often times, it is in the months after leaving the hospital that this preventative education is most needed.

"Unfortunately, that really peak fussy time doesn't happen until six to eight weeks of age," Dr. Zegers said.

At Nebraska DHHS, expanding this education into clinics is the third step in keeping Nebraska babies safe. Currently, 96 percent of Nebraska hospitals provide the information when babies are born.

The clinic campaign will help continue it to the child's first birthday.

"It'll be in the OB clinics prior to the birth, in the hospital itself, and along with the follow up with the pediatrician or family practice physician," Moline said.

Whether it be the physicians, parents, or creators of the campaign, everyone has the same goal in mind when providing this education.

"We would like to help prevent injury or death to any infant, we'd like to have all babies celebrate their first birthday," Moline said.

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