Custodians at Norris Elementary School have been surprising students with fun rug art when they come to school each week.

Matthew Worrell, an evening custodian at the school, has always left fun messages for students, but recently sparked a new idea: rug art.

Renita, Matthew's wife, is also a custodian at the school and says the students adore the creations Matthew makes on the reading rug. 

"The students love it! They won't even walk on the rug so they can save it," Renita says. 

Renita says the students wait eagerly each week to see what Matthew will create next.

In a Facebook message to Channel 8 News, Matthew and Renita's daughter, Shawn, share the photos and says "He does artwork for the kids each week so they can have a spooktacular reading experience, and just something to make them smile!"