On Monday, Oct. 21, Sutton Kelly was surprised with a brand new swing, something she's never been able to do before. 

It's all in thanks to her classmates and students at Saint Michael's Middle School in Lincoln. They noticed Sutton wasn't enjoying one of the best parts of the school day, due to a rare neuropathy that limits her muscle control.

A student, Ella Wemhoff, commented, "Sutton said that recess wasn't a big part of her day because she just couldn't do anything, and then the student counsel realized that as well, and was kind of like 'we need to do something about it'".

The students then held a fundraiser and earned about 350 dollars. They also had several donors pitch in to afford the special swing.

Since enrolling at this school, Sutton and her family have received a wealth of support from the community.

"Its incredible!" Said Sutton's mother, Sasha Kelly. "To see that the school, and the teachers and the staff and the other students, are just embracing her difference and making her feel as included as possible is just, it's very humbling".

Sutton and her family have also been in contact with "Go Shout Love", a national charity, to raise money for an in-home elevator. Individuals can buy special T-shirts from their website and the proceeds will be used to help the family. The fundraiser is said to launch this November. For more information, visit goshout.love.