Local and visiting runners say the Good Life Halfsy is their absolute favorite.

Lincoln's half-marathon spans from Seacrest Field to the finish at the Haymarket.

This year there were more than 6 thousand runners.

They ranged from all shapes and sizes, abilities and backgrounds.

Here is a closer look at two of them:

"It was pretty fun, a lot of fans cheering on the way. The weather was great, the course is awesome. There are some few hills at the start, downhill to the finish. I feel pretty good and I feel good with my training," Kenyan runner who placed first in the Women's class, Pasca Myers said. 

She has been running professionally for 14 years says the marathons help fulfill her passion of running, all while maintaining a nursing profession.

"I'm looking forward to coming back next year," Myers said.

She runs for her husband, who died unexpectedly this past June when she was heading to the Duluth, Minnesota marathon.

"Running with him, he was my coach, he was my husband, I've known him for 10 years since I've come to America. When I run now, it keeps me motivated, even if my training was not the same as when he was here. It keeps me moving, but if I run not enough, he is always in my mind," Myers said. 

Jason Boschan runs for his grandfather that died of dementia. He has a campaign, "run-4-papa" that allows him to run for Alzheimer's and Dementia research.

"He was a lifelong pediatrician for about 50 years, and he was the type of guy that if you couldn't afford his services, he would find a way to get you in and cover you," Boschan said. 

Boschan has a life goal to run in all 50 states. Lincoln is his 23rd state so far.

He has raised $250,000 for the research to cure Alzheimer's since he started 7 years ago. Every single penny goes to the research. 

"It's not just solely about my grandfather. He started this, by default unfortunately, but now it's carrying along in other ways through a lot of other families, and to me, that's what I find most rewarding," Boschan said. 

Every single one of the runners today fought through to the finish with more on their mind than a medal.

"There might be someone watching this that has never walked or run a 5k or a 10k or a race of this distance...and I just hope that they see a little bit of inspiration, and they might want to, at a later point in time, come out and run either for this cause or a related cause in the dementia space."

For all the runners and supporters today, a job well done!

If you would like to help Jason Boschan with his journey, you can donate to help fight Alzheimer's here.