The Lincoln City Council on Monday voted against a proposal to delay the much-anticipated 14th and Old Cheney and Warlick Blvd. roundabout project. 

Councilman Richard Meginnis had proposed an ordinance to delay the project and divert millions of dollars already approved for the project to be used for street repairs. 

"We've got $26 million a year that our citizens transportation group said we needed," Meginnis said. "We are coming up with $7 to $9 million with our quarter cent which is really not enough to stay ahead of taking care of our existing streets."

Members voted 4-3 against the proposed ordinance. 

Some council members noted how extensive the preparation and study has been to make the 14th and Old Cheney area safer.

"It's really hard for me to turn away from 19 years of public discourse, planning and engineering studies and suggest that we can make a new decision at a late date on a project," Lincoln City Council Member, Sandra Washington said.

Councilwoman Tammy Ward wants to move forward with the roundabout, saying it's a public safety issue.

"It's hard for me to walk away from the money we've invested already as a city and the processes that we have been through way before my time," Ward said.

Approximately 37,000 vehicles travel through the intersection each day, with City officials estimating that number to reach 59,000 by 2045. 

Councilman James Michael Bowers voted to delay the project. He says the decision was made because of where he lives, in northeast Lincoln.

"I do have some serious concerns about making sure that all roads in Lincoln, including northeast Lincoln, are maintained and kept safe and kept sound," Bowers said.

Right now, construction for the roundabout is scheduled to start next year. It's expected to be happening the same time as the South Beltway project.