Jesse Hansen admits he had been drinking the night of the crash.

The 28-year-old Lincoln man said he was with a friend at a bar last Friday night. Hansen said he got to a point beyond where he thought he could safely drive.

On their trip home, an SUV driven by Chance Wineberger - who Lincoln police said had also been drinking that night - crossed the center line and struck Hansen's truck head on. 

Wineberger was pronounced dead at the scene. Hansen says from that moment on, the night was a blur he barely remembers. 

"Next thing that I remember is waking up in the hospital with a tube in my throat and a catheter in me and started to freak out," he said. "It took about seven nurses to hold me down because I had no clue what happened."

Hansen was taken to the intensive care unit, where he received treatment for a broken foot, fractured vertebrae in his neck, and serious head injury. 

"I have stitches in my lip, and I have stitches in the side of my eyebrow and then I have all the staples going back down the side of my head," he said. 

One thing he does remember is his father's retelling of the panic he felt when he was told about what had happened to his son. 

"Immediately he thought that I was dead, (especially when)  you get met at the door by a pastor, it's never good. But I pulled through and I'm here," Hansen said. 

But many things remain unclear, Hansen says. According to Lincoln police, he was driving his truck when the crash occurred and was tested for drugs and alcohol. While Hansen admits to drinking, he insists he was a passenger, and that he didn't have drugs in his system. 

Another admission Hansen readily makes is about his prior record with law enforcement, and his prior charges for drunk driving. 

Still, he hopes others will learn from his mistakes - and choose not to get behind the wheel while under the influence. 

"Don't drink and drive," he said.. "It's not worth it. Circumstances like this can happen. Don't drink and drive."

Hansen says he met with investigators for the first time Monday afternoon to share his side of the story. So far no citations have been issued in the crash, and drug reports are still pending.