After signing a new gun safety ordinance, Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird urged the public to keep unattended firearms out of vehicles.

"Because public safety is our resident's and our administration's top priority, i remain committed to further action as we move forward with a multi–faceted approach to preventing gun violence," Lincoln Mayor, Leirion Gaylor Baird said. 

The new law requires guns to be out of sight and doors locked if the firearm is left in a vehicle.

"Because of the new legislation, if a law enforcement officer comes upon a vehicle with a firearm in plain sight, they can immediately cite the person for having violated the law. There is a clear enforcement mechanism that did not exist before, and i think that is what we've been pointing to as the progress that this legislation achieves," Baird said. 

Police agree this is all about the public's safety.

"It is not a good idea. Don't leave your gun unattended in your motor vehicle. We can only do so many enforcement and legislative efforts, but really it comes down to decisions of responsible members of our community," Lincoln Police Chief, Jeff Bliemeister said. 

Also mentioned, for responsible gun owners, a free gift that is offered for safe gun storage.

"I am pleased to announce that free gun locks are now available to the public. These free gun locks were also part of a plan we announced in September in response to a report and recommendations from the child access to fire arms and safe storage task force," Mayor Baird said. 

The city collected 600 gun locks. Gun owners and those applying for gun permits can receive the free locks by  visiting the Sheriff's public reception window at the Justice and Law Enforcement Center at 575 S. 10th Street.

The window is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No paperwork or questions are involved in the process.

The city says these measures are all a part of listening to the voice of the people.

"Our youngest and most vulnerable among us a relying on us to be the adults in the room and we will continue to push forward with measures that we think will advance that purpose," Mayor Baird said.

Officials say they will continue monitoring the effectiveness of the ordinance and will reassess the policy as needed.