You wouldn’t normally expect to see a 7-foot-tall superman in someone’s yard - until now.

Jason Thompson, who lives in the home, says the tree in his front yard was dying, and it needed to be cut down.

"I knew even when I had to cut it down that I wanted something in the trunk of it so I had them eave like a 7 foot piece and I've always been a huge superman fan and so I thought well what better than a superman statue," Thompson says.

After he got the idea, Thompson asked all kinds of Lincoln artists to take on his idea. However, they all turned him down, deeming the task too difficult. Finding someone willing to create a human statue was more of a challenge than he expected.

Then, Thompson found UNL Architecture student David Huismann. Huismann responded immediately to his request and began carving.

"Well I said I could do it that's for sure, I've never done a human figure before so the hardest part was getting the proportions right. But once I got that figured out it was just a bunch of carving a slashing away," Huismann says. 

As a full-time student, Huismann only carves in his spare time. He says it took him about a year to finish Superman, but it was all worth it.

He hopes to one day integrate his carving talents with his career in architecture. For more information on Huismann, you can visit his Facebook page.