A Lincoln neighborhood, near 27th and Pine Lake, is having most of its trees removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer; an exotic, invasive species that feeds on ash trees.

So far, the Lincoln Parks & Recreation Forestry Department has confirmed two of these infected sites, but say there is likely more.

Having been notified less than a year ago, many residents, like Eliza Henderson and her family, are left feeling conflicted.

"My first concern or reaction was 'oh my gosh I hope they don't cut them down'... which sadly that's what's happening," said Eliza.

Eliza and her family have lived in this neighborhood for almost three years and says the array of trees is what drew them to the area. Which is why they've decided to try and save at least one of their ash trees through treatment.

However, city officials estimate we are currently three to five years into the infestation, and tree deaths are expected to spike between years five and seven.

Lincoln Parks and Recreation have enacted a 15 year plan to stop the spread of the bug. Every year they aim to remove 1,000 ash trees while replanting just as many. So far, about 3,000 trees have been removed.

"We work with the residence, we don't just come in and just start taken out... so we notify them as to what's going on and then we definitely encourage the replacements," said Community Outreach Forester Adam Klingenberg.

Although, residents are happy with Parks & Recreation's willingness to work with the community, many are anxious for the future of their greenery next spring.