A legislative hearing was held at the state capital to address some of the many issues the Nebraska Prison system is facing. Senator Steve Lathrop of Omaha asked that a study be conducted within the system to examine concerns of overcrowding and under-staffing. 

Today's hearing allowed for senators to talk to Corrections Director Scott Frakes.

The group addressed these topics, as well as talked about rehabilitative programs within the prison system. Frakes says they're working on re-entry programs that will help keep inmates from coming back. 

"We're dealing with human beings that come from long histories of criminal behavior. they're not ready to change, they have a wide variety of issues that they bring with them and that they take back out with them, which some of them may not be addressable," Frakes says. 

Frakes announced last week they're hiring more staff by offering bonuses and more incentives, as well as four day work weeks. However, he says, it's going to take time.