Over 20 young entrepreneurs gained experience at the first annual Lincoln Acton Children's Business Fair on Saturday.

Children, ages 5 to 16, were challenged to make a product, a marketing strategy, and then sell it without a parent's help.

A business owner, who made krum cakes, shared a booth with her brother.

"I can learn about having a business and it's kind of fun," said Teresa Dao, an eight-year-old entrepreneur. 

The fair is for local children to learn the responsibility of owning a business, earning, and investing in themselves. A couple got the idea from an academy in Texas and found it important to hold one in the capital city.

"it's really interesting to see how careful the kids are with the money," said Quintin Yallaly, coordinator for  Lincoln Children's Business Fair. "When it's their own money, they're very hesitant to spend it and choose very carefully about investing in something."

His daughter, Isabelle, says running a business can be tough.

"Well when I started baking for my business it was easy–peasy," said Isabelle. "When I got to the vanilla cupcakes, it was harder. then, when I got to frosting it was really hard."

A teen at the event says she also sells her things on Etsy and the event helps her know what can sell.

"I had to kind of think about what people would like and since its almost Christmas I thought the gift bags would be a smart idea," said Madeleine Alexander, a 14-year-old. "Also I'm just testing out a lot of product to see what people will buy will sell and are into."

The event is to become a bi–annual affair, to learn more visit https://www.childrensbusinessfair.org/locations