Something you don't see every day, a single sheep was caught strolling down 14th street near Highway 2.

Angela Lowe was driving with her daughter when she spotted the sheep in the area near the Nebraska Department of Roads building. 

"Quite a lot of people to chase down a sheep on a Saturday," West Lincoln resident, Angela Lowe said. 

Nearby neighbors reported the sighting to animal control. The community came together to keep an eye on it and follow it several blocks.

After an hour long chase, neighbors and officials were able to corner it in a front lawn, where the sheep collapsed out of exhaustion.

"First, I was obviously concerned, because it's not every day you see a sheep running around the city. I know animal control took the sheep and had it in an enclosure. It did have a tag on it's ear, so we're hoping that if somebody is missing it, that they are able to pick it up so that it can go back home," Lowe said. 

The group decided to name it Dolly, after the famous cloned sheep.

If you have any idea where this sheep belongs and identify the tag, you can call animal control at (402) 441-7900.