From autographed guitars, tools, to toys, over 200 items were up for bid at the Santa Cop Auction 2019 on Sunday. Also, Santa Claus stopped by.

The auction brought members of the community together to make a difference in a child's life this upcoming season. People could participate in the silent auction, raffles, or the live auction.

All the proceeds go to buying toys for needy families in Lincoln.

"So, we go out into the community to get these donations we make those contacts and so it gets us out and about," said 
BRIANA GASSADIN, LPD UNION COORDINATOR.  "Then, we get to give back to the community that just gave to us and give gifts to people that don't normally have a Christmas or don't have the means to do it this year." 

People of all ages enjoyed looking through the items up for bid and the young got to give their Christmas wishes to Santa.

"A robot, hot wheels or a new toothbrush," said Alex Winter. 

Alex's mom, says the auction is a good way to invest in the community.

"It's just a good time," said Heather Winter. "It's a good way to do some Christmas shopping while at the same time hopefully raising some money for the kids."

One police officer says for families who are in need or sometimes victims of a crime, the gifts make all the difference.

"Most of the time moms and dads, they usually have tears in their eyes especially if they've been the victims of crime," said  Kathryn Meade, a local SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER. "The kids they just get so excited and they just love it. They think it's awesome that police officers are bringing them a present."

Our very own, Channel 8's Rod Fowler volunteered at the event today showing items to the crowd.

The auction brought in hundreds of Lincolnites, hoping to spread cheer this Christmas.

For more information about how to donate, you can visit the Facebook page,