For many teenagers, getting their drivers license may be exciting but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

"I have to keep making sure I am in check constantly to make sure I am doing everything right, I am not speeding up or not going too slow where there is a requirement," Lincoln teen driver, Carter Ruhnke said.

According to Car Insurance 101, Nebraska has the 4th most dangerous teen drivers in the U.S. They say it comes from seat belt usage, distracted driving and drinking.

A Lincoln driving instructor says one of the most important things to do on the road is anticipate.

"What's coming up next, what they are going to have to do next, what the traffic light is going to do, what these other cars around you are going to do," Lincoln driving instructor, Brian Degarmo said.

As a first time driver, it is vital to listen and pay attention during driving training, wearing a seat belt is something that really stood out to Ruhnke.

"You could easily be thrown out of this, even if you are going 35, easily thrown out of the windshield and can cause some serious injury or death," Ruhnke said.

It's not just other cars you have to look out for, it's bicycles, pedestrians, skateboards and animals.

"We do one thing called ground viewing where they look underneath cars to try and see feet, kids and pets coming from, you know looking in the yard for the toys," Degarmo said.

According to the CDC, teenage drivers are more likely than older drivers to make critical errors that result in serious crashes. For example, driving drunk our texting while driving.

"There is no text that is that important to die for, there is nothing that important so wait until you get to where you are going and then check it," Degarmo said.

Car Insurance 101 does say, overall more teens are taking preventive safety measures when they drive.