On Friday, UNL brought together a new collaborative focused on campus policies and procedures concerning sexual assault. It consists of 45 members, including students, staff, and faculty. They hope to increase awareness and reform policies. Dr. Susan Swearer, a UNL professor of school psychology, is currently leading this group.

"One of our motto's on campus is that every person and every interaction matters," said Swearer. "So that means everybody so we want to um make sure everybody on our campus feels safe and secure".

However, Dear UNL, another campus organization who played a major role in pushing for this committee, remains skeptical. 

Dear UNL was formed over a year ago and is solely made up of student. They focus on on-campus sexual misconduct policies and feel the university has fallen short when it comes to investigating allegations.

On Friday, Dear UNL also held a panel at The Bay Coffee Bar to discuss what they believe to be issues and how to improve upon them. 

Unfortunately, the collaborative does not include any members who have experienced sexual misconduct or gone through the reporting process. This is where Dear UNL is concerned.

"Without having not only survivors of sexual violence but also people who have had experience with the Title IX process, there's no real way for them to know what needs to be reformed," said Dear UNL member Mar Lee.

Dr. Swearer stated that the collaborative is interested in all voices and have a process in place for people outside of the official group to share their thoughts.

For more information on the collaborative, visit news.unl.edu.

For more information on Dear UNL, visit dearunl.com.