4–year–old Vinny is just like any other kid his age.

He's playful, loves to smile and even has a passion for music. He's often limited in his everyday life due to cerebral palsy, something he's dealt with since birth.

As Vinny gets older, his mother Liz Shields, wants him to be able to interact with kids his age but says shes struggled to find a facility to fit Vinny's needs.

"It's a reciprocal type of thing as far as they learn from each other. So, the other children learn from Vinny and Vinny learns from the other children but if not given that proper support to be safe then none of it is even possible," Shields said. 

Vinny requires special assistance from an at home nurse as he can't see, eat, walk or talk by himself.

Liz says she sees a lot of therapy options for disabled kids in Lincoln but there needs to be more.

Omaha offers a special school for children like Vinny and Shields wants to see Lincoln do the same so no other child is held back.

"My son missed out on almost two years on the social interaction and all the benefits he could have been getting in the school environment not to mention the therapy services," Shields said. 

She wants to remind people that even though some of these kids may not have a voice, they still need to be heard.