It was an act of kindness that has a Beatrice mother extra thankful this holiday season. 

Stephanie Shelley was low on gas and running late Tuesday morning, she was trying to take her daughter to school while still making it on time to work. 

In what was seemingly one final proverbial road bump in her morning, her mini-van ran out of gas just 100 feet from the pumps at the Casey's near 16th and Court Street. 

Frazzled, and dressed only in her pajamas and slippers, Shelley scrambled to find a way to get her daughter - who she says was "mortified" -  safely to the bus stop before dealing with her car situation. 

But even as her van was unable to take the final turn into the gas station lot, Shelley's day began to take a turn for the better. 

Three men - all strangers - came out of the gas station and offered a helping hand. One hopped in the front seat, while the other two pushed Shelley's car to the pump. Then, after realizing her gas tank was on the other side of the car, they pushed it back around so it faced the correct way. 

"It was no questions asked," Shelley said. "They just did it." 

She got daughter to school on time, and also made it in time for her shift at work. Extremely grateful, Shelley began tearing up. 

Shelley says she wants the men to know how much their kindness meant to her and her daughter. 

"It's nice to have, you known, positive people to show my daughter that there still are good people," she said. "There still are good people that are willing to help you no questions asked."