Tuesday morning, Beatrice mother, Stephanie Shelly, faced more than just a road bump during her daily routine. While driving her daughter to school, she ran out of gas, only a few feat from a Casey's gas station.

"I'm a single mom, so I always run a very tight schedule. So we left for school, I noticed the gas light was low, and I thought 'eh, it's not that far, you know, I'll just risk it and get gas later'".

Stephanie scrambled, looking for a way to get her daughter safely to the bus stop without being late to work. Thankfully, she didn't have to worry long. 

Seeing her distress, three strangers walked out of the Casey's and helped push her car right up to the pump.

Extremely grateful, Stephanie began tearing up, wanting these men to know how much their kindness meant to her and her daughter.

"It's nice to have, you know, positive people to show my daughter that there are still good people," said Stephanie. "There still are good people that are willing to help you, no questions asked".