Laughter and joy filled the air as Husker football players roamed the halls of Bryan West to visit patients who won't get to celebrate Thanksgiving at home.

"Not too many places here where you can get four of them in a group like that so it was pretty exciting to have them here," patient Bill Pugsley said.

Every year the team divides up across the city to visit those at Madonna Rehabilitation, CHI Health and Bryan Health.

It's a special tradition that not just patients look forward to but players as well.

"It's my second year doing this, it doesn't get old. It's kind of new every year, a new hospital that we're visiting. It's a special thing to get to share with your teammates, getting to meet incredible people," quarterback Adrian Martinez said. 

It gave players the chance to sit down with fans and go beyond the pads and helmets as they passed out wrist bands, posed for pictures and of course, shared what they were thankful for this year.

"I have so much to be thankful for. I'll start off with my teammates, I'm thankful for the state of Nebraska, I'm thankful to be here and be apart of this program and this community," Martinez said. 

As the Huskers prepare to take on Iowa, they were offered some words of encouragement, a few tips and even a volunteer to catch the first touchdown of the game.

"I told him he had to throw me a touchdown pass, so that's one touchdown right there so lets hope we can get a few more," Pugsley said.