For more than 100 years, Lincoln has come together to share the holiday spirit and a hot meal at the Peoples City Mission.

Their Thanksgiving meal is consider one of the most important events of the season by the homeless community. 

In 2019, they served about 800 people with the help of about 100 volunteers. Some volunteers have made serving at the Mission their own Thanksgiving tradition.

The Hubberd family has been volunteering on Thanksgiving for about 25 years, and the experience has caused them to redefine the meaning of family.

"There was an older gentleman, I remember had come in after the third year, and he said 'I was hopin' my family would be here'," shared the mother, Sheila Hubberd. "We became his family... We were so excited to see him every year".

People City Mission officials commented that the holiday season can often cause the homeless population to feel outside of their home communities; which is why events like these means so much to those being served.