On the Harris overpass, also known as the West O bridge, it turned into a ice skating rink around 8:30 when the capital city started to get freezing drizzle.

Rescue crews responded to just west of downtown Lincoln.

We're told about 10 cars were involved. Some people had to be extricated out of their vehicles,  no reports of any critical injuries.

A little before that, a six- vehicle pileup just south of the Devaney Center at the "X" intersection.

Two people taken to the hospital there. Police are urging caution.

"The best advice i could tell you is take it very slowly," said Sgt. Max Hubka. "Be aware that bridges are going to become very icy much faster than the flatline roadways, and increase your following distance just so you are able to maintain control of your vehicle."

Those two pileups were not the only ones. There was another big one at 27th and Theresa, one out on I–80 and a couple out in the county.

The common theme in all of these, iced over bridges and overpasses. Please be careful, again, no reports of any life threatening injuries.