All a mother wants is for their newborn to be healthy but this Raymond mom, Madelyne Dunn, is reaching out asking for prayers and advice.

Four-month-old Roman was born with a higher palate and tongue and lip tie.

Although the tongue and lip tie was corrected in the hospital, a few weeks later Dunn found out Roman had more medical problems.

"We found out he had MSPI so milk soy protein intolerance, said Dunn. "We had been through that with our last son so we thought to buckle down here we go. We'd been through it once we can do it again but it kept getting worse." 

After receiving help from a Boys Town specialist, they got answers.

His medical issues require him to have a feeding tube, and treatments are not covered by insurance like feeding therapy, and a special formula of milk that cost $700 to $1000 a can.

The Dunns say they may sell their dream home to pay for little Roman's treatments.

"I can't tell you how hard we've worked to get here, to have an acreage to raise our to boys on, said Dunn. "I mean obviously your gonna choose your kids over anything."

The family is exhausted after just coming home from a five day hospital visit and Dunn worries about the medical bills.

"You know the problem is when you owe 16 different medical offices and they all want $100 to $300 a piece that all adds up, says Dunn. "I mean that's  2x our mortgage. That's when it really gets, really it's challenging."

She says while they still don't have all the answers, the Dunns will stick together.

if you would like to help the family, they have a GoFundMe page,

What Dunn also really would appreciate is prayers and advice.

"Prayers can help just as much right now if not more or if anybody wants to share their experiences or things that helped or tools that helped. I mean this whole tube feeding thing is new to me and that has been a game changer."