This year is the last holiday season for a longtime Lincoln tree farm.

They say these trees at Spilker Pineridge Tree Farm aren't like any other.

"We nurture them and work with them throughout the year for 7 to 12 years kind of a thing. So yeah, it is kind of a family. It's a long range operation," owner, Keith Spilker said. 

The farm sold its first trees in 1986 and has been growing trees for families ever since.

"I pretty much grew up doing this. Dad of course started this and one of his goals were the customer service and the customer experience. It wasn't about trees and such, it was about the season having families come out," Spilker said.

Family is the most important theme here. "They take care of their customers like family," customer of 22 or 24 years, Kendra Trumbley said. 

The business is beyond the tree, it's the art of the Christmas spirit that made so many memorable years.

"That's especially emotional this weekend as we see and talk to who we saw as babies or infants, children, now grown, their own children, and we see three generations come out at once," Spilker said.

"Just walking out in the fields and my kids just, 'hurry up mom, find one find one,' and go back and pick out the one you saw in the first place, and just the family, the family is just so loving and caring and they're just a really good family so we're going to miss them," Trumbley said. 

"It's hard to describe that affection, watching those kids and watching those families come out and pick out their trees and go through the whole process," Spilker said.

And everyone is sad to see the Spilker tree farm go.

This year is the last season. The owners are ready for retirement and say this is the reason behind the farm closing.

"It kind of makes me sad that they have to shut it down, but I'll definitely remember coming here and the cool trees that they have, and I'll remember the fun that we had here," customer of 3 years, Hudson Cox said. 

They will be selling the last of their trees until the 16th of this month.