Cyber Monday has surpassed Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year. This year, Americans are expected to spend a record breaking amount of money, $9 billion, a 19% hike from last year. 

In recent years, purchases made on smart phones have beaten those made on desktop computers and the trend is expected to continue. 

However, with any shopping, consumers should be aware of possible scams. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reminds us during this busy shopping season to be on the lookout.

The BBB say to watch out for false advertising and to keep a close on the web address on your browser. Scammers also are known to create look-a-like websites.

They suggest shoppers keep anti-virus software up to date, as it can detect non-secure websites and pop-up phishing scams.

Another common reminder- use a credit card if you can. Credit cards tend to be more protected than debit cards and if shady charges show up, you can later dispute them.

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