Peter Katt, an attorney in Lincoln, has started the 'Sensible Streets for Lincoln' group. It's a committee to try to delay construction at 14th and Old Cheney.

He created the group after a councilman's request for the delay was denied.

"We think there was a lot of politics involved in making that particular decision and we thought we would bring an opportunity for the public to weigh in and determine whether or not this project should be delayed," Katt said.

Katt says the project will cost more than the expected $35 million.

Tom Casady, the Director of Transportation and Utilities, says the full budget is expected to be released at the end of the month, and if needed, they will re–assess.

"I don't think we can say yet this is going to cost more than what we have in our tentative budget, we don't have the results of the bids back yet and when those are returned to us later this month we will have a better idea of whenever we are going to be within that projected or budget or whether we need to regroup," Casady said.

Katt emphasizes that he doesn't want to kill the project, he just wants to delay it.

"Delaying this project until after the South Beltway is constructed is good for our community and all of those dollars can be spent on higher priority road projects today, irrespective of where those bids come in," Katt said.

However, Casady says the South Beltway traffic won't interfere with that intersection.

"Delaying this project basically means ending the project, it has no interaction at all with the South Beltway, completely different traffic flow other closest area of the Beltway that will be under construction is 2.5 miles away, I think that is an argument that doesn't carry any merit with it," Casady said.

In order to get the delay in front of city council and on the primary ballot, Katt first needs nearly 8,500 valid signatures.