One of the Lincoln Police Department's biggest drug busts this year happened this weekend.

Four people were arrested at an apartment near UNL's East Campus on 33rd and Huntington streets Sunday morning.

They're accused of trying to sell more than $48,000 dollars worth of crack and powder cocaine.

The drug bust is a big surprise to neighbors, as was the SWAT team's entrance.

When they arrested the suspects.

Lincoln authorities call it good old fashioned police work.

In an apartment complex where neighbors can be found chatting in the laundry room or tending to their gardens.

Residents of one apartment weren't doing anything of the sort.

Police say just after midnight Sunday morning, an officer spotted a drug deal near 33rd and Huntington.

Soon after, Lincoln police pulled over and arrested a woman in possession of crack-cocaine near the apartment and two others.

But it wasn't until seven Sunday morning that Lincoln's SWAT team took action.

Upon entry, authorities found nearly 200-grams of crack-cocaine and almost 300-grams of powder cocaine.

But the drugs aren't the only things found.

The SWAT team located more than $9,000 in cold hard cash.

Diamond Helstadler and Josephine Long of Lincoln have been arrested.

Along with Kelvin Stinson and Solomon Hawthorne of Kansas City.

Each suspect was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell.

Helmstadler has also been cited for assault of a police officer.

The suspects range in age from 18 to 24.

Residents we talked to say they never noticed anything suspicious going on in the apartment complex.

They say they hope one or two bad eggs don't ruin the rest of the neighborhood's reputation.