Streets around flooded Haymarket building closed

Roads in the Haymarket remain blocked off and tenants have been forced out of their businesses from a water line rupture.

The city says 8th Street is closed from “P” to “Q.” “Q” Street is closed from 8th to 9th streets. The Haymarket Garage at 9th and “Q” Streets can be accessed from the east only. Only the northwest half of the 8th and “Q” intersection is open to traffic. The roads are closed through the weekend. 8th and Q streets are shut down and a structural engineer is on site at the Haymarket Theatre building.

The Haymarket Theatre, Licorice International and From Nebraska Gift Shop are closed until damage can be assessed and if the building is structurally sound. Thursday afternoon, a beam on the roof of the Haymarket Theatre cracked hitting a waterline and causing a leak all the way to the basement. Fire officials at the scene say water poured into the businesses below damaging merchandise. No one was hurt.

It all started in the Haymarket Theatre. “Part of the roof started to come down, water started flowing,” Vince Learned said.

Vince Learned says they had just finished another rehearsal for their upcoming show “Fiddler on the Roof” when the chaos broke out.  When the evacuations started. Ever since the theatre group hasn't been allowed back in. They have yet to see what's become of their show. “All of our costumes are up there, all of our set pieces are up there,” Learned said.

Now Learned and 30 of his students wait in wonder.  Where will they rehearse and will the show go on?  Right next door is Julie Zielinski…the manager of the “From Nebraska Gift Shop” says “I can only imagine what it looks like upstairs,” Zielinski said.

The last time she saw the inside she says a waterfall was pouring into the store. She was trying to salvage as much as she could before evacuating. “Our book area was saturated, our clothing area, the Husker souvenirs and the water was just running across the floor,” Zielinski said.

We're told Licorice International also received some damage.