String Of Burglaries In South Lincoln

Another huge string of burglaries has occurred in Lincoln. This time on the south side of town.  Police say it's the second string in less than a month and they may be connected.

So far today police have received 23 reports and police say they expect to get more. Cops have been canvassing two south Lincoln neighborhoods all morning, trying to get an idea of what was stolen and who is breaking into these homes.

“You think you're safe in your own home the doors are locked but now days you never know,” Homeowner Vicky Jones said.

Vicky Jones says she had no idea someone was trying to break into her home until she woke up to go to work in the morning. “I noticed the door was open so I ran back into the house to get my husband and says I think someone tried to break into our garage,” Jones said.

She thinks whoever tried to break in was unsuccessful thanks to the lawn mower and weed whacker that sit in front of the door. So far police say they've received more than 20 reports like Vicky's, many in her neighborhood near 45th and Pine Lake as well as homes near 27th and Yankee Hill.

But Vicky is one of the lucky one's. One of the cases the intruder couldn't get into the home so they rummaged through their vehicles. Police say the intruder pries open the garage door gaining access to your home and in some cases stealing purses and wallets. This has all happened without anyone hearing or seeing anything.

“Unfortunately we don't have a suspect description nor has anyone awaken while they were in their home and no suspicious vehicles have been reported in the areas,” Officer Katie Flood said.

And Police say these cases look all too familiar. 15 homes were struck earlier this month in northeast Lincoln, all with the garage doors pried open, their purses and wallets stolen. Again no one saw or heard a thing.

One woman we talked to said she actually had her purse stolen from inside her home.

As a precaution police say make sure all your doors are locked, including the one from your garage into your house, even your car doors.

They suggest using dead bolts and in the meantime stack things in front of the door to make it harder for an intruder to get in.