Stroke awareness

Tonight the son of the Vice President is recovering from a mild stroke…he's just 41 years old.  When most people think of a stroke, they think of their grandma or grandpa not someone in their 40's…but it does happen.

Trim and fit at 41 years old, Beau Biden hardly seems like the type to suffer a stroke. But his health scare isn't too surprising to doctors, who say fitness and a young age are no guarantee. Teri Sears of Lincoln knows this all too well, she suffered the same thing at 40.

“I couldn't move my right arm, I was very dizzy, couldn't roll off my right side and then they found out a couple days later that I had a stroke. I was kind of shocked, I don't think it really sunk in,” Sears said.

While both Sears and Biden seem too young..around 15% of strokes happen to people younger than 45… 75% of them occur in those under 75.

“It happens 780,000 times a year, women die twice as often from a stroke as they do breast cancer, it's the third leading cause of death in the United States,” Mary Ellen Hook, Stroke Coord. Said.

Here's some risk factors to look out for, family history, obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.  They say if someone might be having a stroke, think fast. It's an acronym to help you, f is for if the face is numb or weak, a is if the arm is numb or weak, s is if the speech is slurred or confused, and t is time to call 9–1–1.

Biden is expected to make a full recovery, Sears for the most part is back to normal,. It can happen at any age, but there is life after stroke, it's determination. Thursday night at Bryan LGH East, there's going to be an informational session about strokes…you'll hear both from a doctor and more of Sears story.

Anyone can go. They do ask that you call ahead. That number is 481–8886. The cost is free. It is being held at the Plaza Conference Center at BryanLGH East. To register just log onto