Strong winds damage homes

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Strong winds ripped through southeast Nebraska Saturday with gusts reaching as high as 64 mph. Many homeowners are dealing with the damage.

“I noticed that there were shingles on our neighbor's roofs that were off and then when we opened our door there were actually shingles on our porch step which was interesting because I didn't know if they were ours,” Nicole Schwery said.

Schwery is not alone. Neemann and Sons said they've had numerous reports of damaged roofs.

“We've had probably upwards of 100 phone calls right now which is pretty unusual for middle of January, that's usually middle of spring and summer we're getting calls like that,” Project Manager Trevor Neemann said.

Temperatures are also expected to drop with highs in the low teens later this week.

“It's also tough to do them this time of year just because it's so cold when we're trying to do the shingles are so brittle and then they don't seal when we do,” Neemann said.

Repairing shingles isn't cheap. It costs nearly $200 to $300 to replace just a few that are missing, and the price keeps going up from there. It can cost more than $1000 to replace half of a slope.

As a UNL student, Schwery said funds for roof repair could be tight.

“Anything since we're college students it would be hard for us to pay for it,” she said.

Experts recommend taking a look around your house and check for shingles on the ground. If you do find some, make sure to call your insurance agent and a specialist right away.