Student athletes to receive stipends fall 2015

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

Coming this fall student athletes on scholarship can receive stipends. The new NCAA rule gives universities the opportunity to offer money for athlete’s personal expenses.

Full ride scholarship athletes could receive up to $3,600, partial scholarships will receive less. The university decides on the amount of money, but how the money is spent is up to the student.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln school officials told us the money is meant to be spent on things such as food, gas, laundry and traveling.

Jamie Vaughn the Associate Athletic Director/Compliance at UNL said,”So each university establishes what that rate will be for their campus based on where they’re located, what the cost of living is in their community and comes up with that figure.That’s called the cost of attendance figure.”

The legislation for this NCAA rule becomes effective August 1st.

Athletes who don’t have a scholarship will not receive a stipend. All sports at UNL are covered in the student athlete stipend.