Student Receives Surprise Award

Posted By: Laurann Robinson

An economics assignment called “the stock market game” gave Lincoln Northeast junior, Rebecca Burback, $100,000 of pretend money to invest. 80 local students had to write an essay about why their chosen stock would be a great investment.

Rebecca’s economics teacher, Carol Mathias, chose the top ten essays to submit to the nationwide contest. “A variety of writing styles, a variety of reasoning that they were using for their work and i was just curious to see in a national format what would be the most popular and excepted version of writing.”

Rebecca’s essay was chosen as the best in the state by the Nebraska Council for Economics.

Mathias said “Rebecca certainly wrote with a great deal of passion. She knew her topic, she spoke with passion about why her subject was going to be a good long–term investment.”

Rebecca had no idea the Nebraska Council for Economics, as well as her mother and grandmother were coming to surprise her. She said “It was crazy. I didn’t expect you guys, all of you to come in while I was just like sitting there. I didn’t know.”

She’s walking away with a $100 prize, a certificate, and cupcakes for the class. I asked Rebecca what she plans to do with her prize money, and she said… “Invest it. I’ll save it, for sure.”