Student suspended for bringing camping utensil to school

 Posted By: Camila Orti

A Lincoln mother is upset with Lincoln Public Schools after they suspended her son for bringing a camping utensil to school.

Dana Stolle got a call from Humann Elementary School Monday morning shortly after dropping her 5th grade son off.

“My son had been suspended and that he would have in-school suspension tomorrow as well for bringing a knife to school,” Stolle said.

The knife her 10-year-old brought was a multi-tool with a fold out fork, spoon and knife blade. Stolle says he’d just eaten breakfast with it a couple hours earlier.

“I have to always keep it clean for him because he loves to eat with this and the whole thought in his head was ‘I’m gonna eat lunch with my favorite utensil,'” Stolle said.

The school confirmed he didn’t try to harm anybody with it, and was showing it to friends. LPS officials say sending the boy home was the right move.

“We can’t measure whether something was intentional or not intentional, we have to be concerned about the safety piece of things,” Director of student services Russ Uhing said.

Uhing says district policy is that if a student brings anything that can be considered a weapon to school, they face up to a five-day suspension.

“We take things like this very seriously and we have to,” Uhing said.

Stolle says she didn’t realize her son took the item, but wishes the situation was dealt with on a more case-by-case basis.

“This is gonna go to other people, it’s gonna go out to parents, there’s going to be this negative perception of my child now,” she said.

Humann administrators did send out an email to families later in the afternoon. They reminded parents to talk to their students about keeping personal items not related to schoolwork at home.