Students Lend A Hand

One tornado victim is getting some help from an unexpected source…. First graders. The principal at Everett Elementary had his home blown away with the storm. So his students started a fund drive with pennies. Amazingly, they have now raised more than 1, 000 dollars, and they're not slowing down. After Principal Roger Reinhardt's home was destroyed, word spread fast. By the Monday after the weekend storm, the kids had already started the fund drive. Along with helping their principal out, they get a lesson that every penny really does count. Reinhardt's home is just outside of Hickman.  His car ended up in a tree several blocks away. Now, his students are stacking up the pennies, hoping to help him rebuild.  The kids say “We like our principal a lot. We really care about him.”  Principal Reinhardt knew the kids were raising money. But he was almost speechless when he heard they had collected more than 1,000 dollars. He says “That's the first time I've heard of that. It's mind boggeling.”  Reinhardt says his school has one of the highest poverty rates in the city. His teachers and employees say that makes it even more heart warming. “People just don't have a lot of money to give. It just shows what a loving community we live in and that's here at school.”  Everett isn't the only school helping in the relief effort after the storm. 24 other Lincoln schools have also set up different fund raisers to help out. As for Roger, he does plan to rebuild in the same spot. He meets with a builder next week.