Students react to bold active shooter warning

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

"Run, hide, fight" it’s the alert message sent to Ohio State students informing them of an active shooter on campus Monday morning.

It was sent through an immediate messaging system called Buckeye Alert.

 A program meant to get information to big crowds in a short period of time.

Here in Lincoln, The University of Nebraska Lincoln uses a similar system called UNL alert.

Students get text messages directly to their phone with urgent information.

"Students here are always on social media or always looking at their phones so it’s the best thing to have," Matt Erickson, UNL Freshman, said.

UNL students have never received an alert as urgent as the one sent to OSU students, but tell me they would appreciate the straight forward message.

"I think in those kinds of situations you got to just tell people what’s going on. Being gentle could potentially get somebody hurt by them not taking it seriously," Nicole Eisenbraun, UNL Junior, said.

“Run, Hide, Fight is part of a plan devised by the Department of Homeland Security advising people how to respond in an active shooter situation.

They first advise to run. Have an escape route in mind.

If you can’t run, hide. Use everything and anything to block entryways.

If you cant do either, fight back.

"I don’t know if there is a better way to put it, that’s probably the best way to get a message across in a short amount of words," Allie Bayless, UNL Junior, said.

OSU released a statement saying they’ll continue to send buckeye alerts to keep people informed following an official investigation.