Students react to President Obama’s Oval Office address

Seven years after it all began, U.S. combat in Iraq is over.  President Barack Obama officially announced the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom in his second address from the Oval Office on Tuesday night.

Trent Linbo, a junior at UNL watched the speech from the student union.  He says, “I think it's a great thing that we're going to get our troops out of harm's way in Iraq.  If he thinks Iraq is ready to handle it, that they're going to be able to handle their own government right now, that's a great thing.”

Now that the Iraqi mission is over, the president says we still need to support the troops in Afghanistan, but that his number one priority is to restore the economy.  Linbo hops it that happens sooner than later. “I'm already grown up a little bit and money's become a lot more tangible.”

UNL grad student Benjamin Pavlik also saw the speech.  He agrees that focusing on the economy should be the top priority.  He even has some thoughts on where that should begin.  “We need to get better energy procurement so I think we really just need to work on our situation in terms of oil and being less dependent on the Middle East.”

But for now, when it comes to our troops, he says, “It's time.  We've been there long enough and let's work on our own problems for now.”