Sudanese Refugees Get A New Home

Rallies in some 130 cities across the country are planned this weekend to bring attention to a growing humanitarian crisis in Africa. They're calling for assistance for the people of Uganda and from the Darfur region of the Sudan. Tens of thousands of children in Uganda are leaving their villages, to avoid abduction by rebel armies. Many are forced to become child-soldiers or sex slaves.

In some parts of the Sudan, fighting between rebels and government forces has killed tens of thousands.  Arson, looting and rape has driven more than 2 million people from their homes.  One family who emigrated to the United States from Sudan, got a new home this weekend.

The Majok family came to the United States in 2000, leaving behind thier family, jobs and country that is still suffering from civil war. Their struggle for the last few years has a happy ending.

A brand new home was built for the family, and Saturday, they were welcomed in by friends and volunteers from Habitat for Humanity. The Lincoln organization learned of Marsa, Andrew and their four children, and knew that with their situation, they would probably never be able to have a home. That's when Habitat for Humanity rounded up donations and volunteers to help build the home for them.

The family of six has crammed into a one-bedroom apartment for the last few years. Although that living situation may seem small and difficult, the Majoks say its better than what she and her family would have to go through back in her home country….never knowing if it was safe to sleep.

The family says they could not be more thankful for Habitat For Humanity. They even want to help build homes for others.