Suicide prevention signs around Nebraska

Posted by: Fahima Paghmani

You may be seeing some new signs in parking garages around town. 

There’s a total of two hundred fifty  signs being put up in seventeen cities and university garages. The Que Place garage on 11th street was the first city garage to get these signs. This all came from a plan by Bryan Health.. They want people in crisis to know they’re not alone.
 Dr. David Miers say, "There is hope there is healing."
He also adds, suicide is preventable and there are individuals willing to help 24 hours a day,  seven days a week.
"Our goal is to get that message our so that someone who is in crisis will see that message and know who to call to get connected to help," said Miers.
He also says research shows the signs do prevent people from committing suicide.
"Making that first connection if you yourself is struggling to make that call go to the nearest emergency room go to Bryan West emergency room."
According to the *American foundation for suicide prevention* there are on average one hundred seventeen  suicides every day in America.

Dr. Mier’s believes the best way to decrease that number is by having people get help.

He says, "If you are concerned about somebody don’t be hesitant to pick up the phone and call the suicide national hotline."
If you or anyone you know needs help. Call the crisis hotline at 1–800–273–talk.