Summer Road Construction Underway

It's that time of year where people start thinking about their summer plans, but the state is thinking about their road construction plans. If you're traveling this summer, you're going to deal with it.

“We are probably more busy this year with projects outside of the interstate, stuff in southeast Nebraska,” said Curt Mueting of the Nebraska Department of Roads.

Orange cones will be lining roads and yellow vests will be busy at work 24/7. Drivers need to be extra cautious, especially with your speed.

“The road construction on the interstate, they do it in different sections so if you don't drive it everyday its 55, 65, 55, 65,” said Lincoln driver James Whitney. 

Interstate 80 is one of the main roads Nebraska travelers will be taking this summer.  Unfortunately you need to be prepared for a lot of construction.

“The six lane expansion between Omaha and Lincoln…consumes a lot of our effort,” said Mueting. 

 There's a lot of projects that'll be starting up in the next few weeks.  It's important wherever you're driving to pay attention to detour signs.  If you're someone who can't handle the construction, you might want to take a road less traveled.

For those who commute to Omaha on a daily basis, it seems like they've been working on I80 forever.  Unfortunately you're going to have to wait until 2014 before its all over.

For more information on summer road construction, visit the Nebraska Department of Roads website at