Summer School for Lincoln Students

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

At North Star High School over 1,800 kids signed up for summer school.

"I just wanted to get done with high school and get my credits and also there’s nothing to do in the summer," said student Jayana Loya.

While a lot of people think that summer school maybe for kids that are behind in school, that’s not exactly the case any more as most students participate in Summer School so they can graduate early or just get some classes out of the way like P.E. or public speaking.

"We’ve got a good mix of kids coming to summer school for various reasons some are you know neat classes," says Summer School Principal Edwin Bonner "to graduate this summer. Some are waiting to either say on track maybe they gotten a little behind in credits so they want to recover some of that or just keep going and this is great time to take some classes."

Today is the first day for these summer classes, and the classes are six week long courses.