Sun Outages Disrupt RTV8 Signal

Some viewers of RTV8 may have noticed some problems with the delivery of RetroTelevision programming over the last several days.   And many have wondered why it always seems to happen at the same time every day….around 11:55am and last about 10 minutes.

The answer is: Sun Outages. 

For about two weeks each spring, at the time the satellite that transmits RTV programming to Channel 8 KLKN-TV passes directly between the sun and the earth, the sun's rays disrupt the signal.  By mid-March, their paths vary enough that it is no longer a problem.

All satellite signals suffer from the same problem but, in the case of ABC for example, we have backup satellites so, when one is disrupted by sun outages, we simply switch to the other. Unfortunately, with RTV, there is just one satellite that carries our customized program feed and so we are forced to live with the outages for a couple of weeks each spring.

We, of course, apologize for the disruption it causes to our viewers and are doing everything we can to minimize the problem until it passes.

In the meantime, thank you for watching.