Super Sprouts explore at museum

Posted By: Megan Conway

The Lincoln Children’s Museum has a program to help toddlers develop. It’s called ‘Super Sprouts’ and they’re all about having fun, even if it’s a little messy.

"This class is based around play, discovery and really about socializing toddlers, which is a big thing for this age. While they’re art (projects) and they’re fun, they’re also meant to help with development. When we’re doing tissue paper, when we’re squeezing glue and squeezing water, we’re working on those fine motor skills or tearing paper. It’s all to help and aid in the development for these kiddos," says Regina Flowers, Education Director at the Children’s Museum.

This class is for kids three years old or younger, and a parent or guardian gets to stay with them. Every week there’s a different theme. The children have independent play time where they can choose what they want to do. Family members say they are seeing positive changes in their little ones.

"He is much more apt to be with other people. I can actually step out of the room without him throwing a fit, so he’s liking a lot more people, so this has been an excellent opportunity for us," says Katie Dixon, a parent of a ‘Super Sprout.’

"There’s just a lot of different game or different fun stations, so he’s exposed to more fun things than he might get at home. More importantly, I think is probably he has to learn to socialize with the other children. They’re doing their thing and then another child comes in and they have to learn how to respect and share and all that sort of thing," says Steve Kinsella, a grandparent of a ‘Super Sprout.’

These classes are offered year round, but you must pre–register. If you’re interested, just click this link to go to the museum’s website.