Supporters of helmet law repeal demand freedom of choice be restored

We’ve heard from supporters of Nebraska‘s motorcycle helmet law.

But a group of local motorcyclists says the state needs to repeal that law and give the freedom of choice back to the riders.

There are a number of safety measures people can take when out on the road—like wearing protective clothing, wearing a helmet, and checking road conditions prior to riding.

But opponents of the current helmet law argue it’s up to the rider whether they want to follow any of those guidelines, not the government.

In fact, some people have even voiced concerns about whether they are as aware of their surroundings when they wear a helmet.

“If I had a choice, most of the time I would probably choose not to wear one,” said longtime motorcyclist Todd Miller. 

It just changes my perspective,” he added.  “I think I’m a safer rider without it.  The reason I say that is because my peripherals and senses are more aware.  It’s a whole difference experience.”

The main argument for those in favor of the current law continues to be that helmets save lives.

Senator Dave Bloomfield says if his bill to repeal the motorcycle helmet law makes it to the floor, it would eventually be amended so that riders under the age of 21 would be required by law to wear a helmet.