Surprising Reason Gun Sales May Be Up In State

Gun sales in the state have seen a spike over the past few months, and now gun shops are having trouble keeping supplies in stock, and some are even saying President Elect Barack Obama is the cause for the increase.  

In the state of Nebraska gun sales do tend to spike around hunting season but one gun dealer we spoke to said this year was different and he says part of it has to do with the election.

With a new President elect comes a new increase in gun sales. The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office reported gun sales from last year to this year took a dramatic turn up. In October and November of 2007 around 300 guns were sold.

The reason, some say is Barack Obama.  A Gun shop owner says, “Obama himself has a voting record that hasn't been particularly kind to gun in the state level in Illinois he voted on some legislation that was pretty restrictive on gun ownership and people are concerned that those same motivations will follow him to the White House.”

The Obama Administration has said they will protect the rights to bear arms and if you follow the rules you will be just fine.  Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner who released the data said he's surprised by the increase. Wagner says, “We saw a dramatic increase from September to October of over 100 permits which is a 75 percent increase that is just surprising.”

The only problem, keeping stores stocked up. There's a supply just like any product there's a certain number of them get manufactured everyday and when the demand goes up sharply like it has nationally there's fewer guns to buy so we've had trouble getting them in stock.

And it's not just Nebraska who has seen the increase, back in October the FBI reported background checks for gun purchases went up by more than 100,000 compared to last October.