Survey reports teens’ stress levels rival adults’

By: Hannah Paczkowski

For Nicole Canning, her day doesn't end when the final bell rings at Seward High School.

“After school I have musical or piano or Godparents or dance and I rarely ever have a day off,” she said.

Nicole is not alone. A recent survey released by the American Psychological Association showed teens' stress levels rival those of adults.

“It seems like social pressure has increased with college applications even educational settings as high school, middle school they're doing far more prep for college now at a younger age than they ever did before,” Melissa Sebek, a licensed mental health practitioner, said.

That's no surprise for Nicole, a high school senior, who's getting ready to attend college in the fall.

“Applying for scholarships takes up a lot of time, it's like being in an extra like an extra class to have to find the scholarships and fill them all out and get everything done,” she said.

Finding time to do that, participate in extra curricular activities and finish schoolwork can be nearly impossible.

Psychologists say one the most common signs of teen stress is lack of sleep. According to the APA, one in five teens say they don't get enough sleep. Nicole said she averages around six to seven hours a night.

“It definitely varies, but I rarely ever get 8 hours of sleep,” she said.

Though her life can be a bit hectic, Nicole said she wouldn't have it any other way.

“I love everything that I'm involved in, it's a lot of fun, I meet new people, it's just great experiences,” she said.

 Something teens can do to relieve stress is to cut back on extra curriculars. Officials from Monarch Counseling said parents can also help by listening to their teen about their stress and learn to say no to more activities.