Suspect breaks in to Gold Smith’s Jewelry store

By: Megan Conway

Police were called to Gold Smith’s Jewelry at 56th and Old Cheney around six Thursday morning. A burglar had set off the alarms by breaking into the store. After 34 years of business, this is only the second time the store has been broken into.

“Upon their (the police) arrival, they found a broken door and also a broken glass case inside,” says Sgt. Jerry Roeder, Lincoln Police Department.

The damage to the case and door is estimated to be around 2,000 dollars. It’s still unknown what exactly the suspect got away with, but the owners of the store say items of large value were locked up. A witness from another business saw a man running west from the jewelry store.

“Officers set up a perimeter, and attempted a dog track from the front door of the area,” says Roeder.

Police say the K–9 units searched the area, but eventually lost the trail and were unable to make any progress on the case. However, the suspect did leave a visible trail.

“They did find some jewelry outside the business that was dropped when the person responsible apparently left,” says Roeder.

By eleven Thursday morning, the jewelry store already had their door fixed and was back to business. Police are still searching for the suspect or any leads.